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Clinical Research Studies

Clinical studies (also called clinical trials or research protocols) are conducted to test whether a new drug or treatment approach is safe and effective in people.  Trials are also conducted with existing drugs to assess whether they may be useful for another treatment. Every medicine must go through the clinical research study process. It is the only way a medicine can be approved for use.


Dr. Weisler and his associates believe that high-quality research leads to safer, more effective treatments. Tomorrow’s treatments are a direct result of today’s clinical trials. Without your participation in these clinical trials, new treatments would not be available. Volunteering for a clinical research study could be a chance to help develop new treatments for the future.


Dr. Weisler is continually recruiting participants for new clinical trials for a variety of mental and medical disorders. We can help you find out if a clinical trial is right for you. Contact our office to learn more about participating in a clinical trial.

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